A depository is a facility for holding securities, which enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry. To achieve this purpose, the depository may immobilize the securities or dematerialize them (so that they exist only as electronic records).' India has chosen the dematerialization route. In India, a depository is an organization, which holds the beneficial owner's securities in electronic form, through a registered Depository Participant (DP). A depository functions somewhat similar to a commercial bank. To avail of the services offered by a depository, the investor has to open an account with it through a registered DP.

Dematerialization is a process by which physical certificates are converted into electronic form.

Beneficial Owner" is a person in whose name a demat account is opened with CDSL for the purpose of holding securities in the electronic form and whose name is recorded as such with CDSL.

A Depository Participant (DP) is an agent of the depository who is authorized to offer depository services to investors. Financial institutions, banks, custodians and stockbrokers complying with the requirements prescribed by SEBI/ Depositories can be registered as DP. Further information on DP, can be accessed from CDSL's web site

Issuer means any entity making an issue of securities.

ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is the identification number given to a security of an issuer at the time of admitting such security in the depository system.

One cannot buy directly from the market or stock exchange. A buyer has to buy stocks or equity through a Stock Broker, who is a registered authority to deal in equities of various companies. In effect a lot many intermediaries might come in between the buyer and seller, as brokers do their business through many sub-brokers and the like.

No, different securities issued by the same issuer will have different ISINs.

Following services can be availed of through a DP:

  • Dematerialisation i.e. converting physical securities into electronic form.
  • Rematerialisation, i.e. converting electronic securities balances in a BO account into physical form.
  • To maintain record of holdings in the electronic form.
  • Settlement of trades by delivering/ receiving underlying securities from/in BO accounts.
  • Settlement of off-market trades i.e. transactions between BOs entered outside the Stock Exchange.
  • Providing electronic credit in respect of securities allotted by issuers under IPO or otherwise.
  • Receiving on behalf of demat account holders non-cash corporate benefits, such as, allotment of bonus and rights shares in electronic form or securities ensuing upon consolidation, stock split or merger/amalgamation of companies.
  • Pledging of dematerialised securities.
  • Facilitating Securities Lending and Borrowing, if the DP is registered as an "Approved Intermediary" for the purpose.
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